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Please do submit the contact information for the doctors on your vasculitis medical team. Most doctors have never even heard of these rare forms of vasculitis, and have little idea how to diagnose or treat these conditions. Even among vasculitis experts, a doctor might see only a handful of vasculitis patients in an entire career. Therefore, just knowing which doctors have some experience could become invaluable information for vasculitis patients. 

Even if you do not live in New Mexico, you can use this form to submit the names of physicians who know about vasculitis. I will pass this on as a sort of referral to other chapters of the Vasculitis Foundation.

Every doctor on this list will be sent additional information about vasculitis research and treatments. The information will be provided by experienced vasculitis experts working out of vasculitis research centers around the world. We hope this list of medical professionals who are familiar with vasculitis keeps growing until all doctors will know how to diagnose and treat this condition.

We ask that you submit information for each doctor who you know has familiarity with vasculitis. If there are several in a single practice, then use the comments field to provide a list of the other names, Emails, etc. located at a single address.

Thank you!

Joseph Carpenter
Parent, daughter with CSS (DX March '08)
Central NM Chapter Vasculitis Foundation

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