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Google Groups for Vasculitis

To find more Google Groups related to vasculitis, try some of this search links:
(vasculitis) (autoimmune) (wegeners) (churg strauss)

The main page for Google Groups is here: http://groups.google.com/

The CNMVF has its own Google Group allows chapter members and guests to stay connected.

Google Groups
Subscribe to Central NM Vasculitis Foundation Group
Visit this group

This is a community support group. Anyone can request to join this group, but only approved members will have access to read and post. If you have a association with autoimmune related vasculitis as a patient or friend/family then it may be worth your time to request an invitation to join this mailing list. 

This CNMVF Google Group will allow VF chapter members and guests to communicate. It is a secure bulletin board. Any public articles, etc, you are encouraged to share freely, but anything private that is shared in the group, should stay in the group. We will send Email announcements this way about meetings and events, so by subscribing you will keep up on what is going on with this chapter.

To get the latest and best information about vasculitis, you should ideally also consider becoming a member of the Vasculitis Foundation. If you need to join VF, click here.

FaceBook Groups:

You can view some basics and recent feed posts to the group wall, then to participate actively you will need a free Facebook account.

FaceBook Group for Vasculitis Foundation

There is a FaceBook group for the Vasculitis Foundation.

You can view that here:

FaceBook | Vasculitis Foundation

If you just want to get in touch with me, then look for me in FaceBook:

Joseph Carpenter - Albuquerque, NM | Facebook

.Yahoo Groups for Vasculitis

There are already several vasculitis related groups attached to Yahoo Groups.
The Yahoo groups are also membership by invitation only. You can find a few of them listed here:
  • Churg-Strauss Syndrome International Support Group (CSSIG)
  • Parents of Wegeners Granulomatosis Patients (parents4wegeners)
  • Savvy for systemic autoimmune diseases (savvy)

To find more Yahoo Groups related to vasculitis, try some of these search links:
(vasculitis) (autoimmune) (wegeners) (churg strauss) The main page for Yahoo Groups is here: http://groups.yahoo.com/

Updated Yahoo Groups for Vasculitis

Thanks to Bruce MacDonald (blades49456) for sharing this information:

Updated table (14 June 2009) of Yahoo on-line groups for vasculitis.

Viewed at: