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Member Blogs

Writing in an online journal is a great way to express yourself. You can also use this tool to connect with others. When a posse of bloggers form a circle, they become a community. Each has their own space for self-expression, and jointly, the community becomes greater than the sum of their parts.

Email is great for private one on one written communication. Groups are fine for limiting private communications with a few select people. But I encourage all of you to consider starting a blog. If anyone has something to write about, it is you. :o)

Writing in a blog will give you a place to share your experiences with friends and family, and also with the wider vasculitis community, where it can do some good for not just you, but also for others. Wouldn't you like to know what others are doing? How are they managing symptoms, pain, and other aspects of this condition? Well, then, lead by example. Start a blog. You can do this for free with Google Blogger. You can also get hosted for free on WordPress.org. There are many choices (Xanga, Facebook, MySpace, etc. etc.), so however you decide to do it, I will list your blog here if you want me to. I will not do so without permission so please let me know.

{This space reserved for the list of member blogs.}
 Sample: Central NM Vasculitis Blog (This could be linked to your blog!)
 Meaghan's Churg Strauss Journal